Humentic proudly partnered with Kuda Technologies since 2023 to support 60+ Managers, Directors and Heads of Departments with Manager Core trainings.

Through weekly 60-minute Leadership Labs, Humentic worked with Kuda leaders to elevate their management skills and heighten their leadership impact.

The program involved group coaching and training led by a team of Humentic’s accredited leadership coaches, trainers and performance experts.

The Challenge

As a forward-thinking organization, Kuda recognized the importance of investing in its talent and leaders. With an interactive, scalable management training program, Kuda sought to equip its managers with the skills and knowledge necessary to overcome diverse challenges and achieve success in their roles.

Since its launch in 2019, Kuda has seen explosive growth, with a customer base of over 1.4 million people within two years of operation. As a result of this rapid expansion, Kuda recognized the need to develop the skills of its managers to ensure that they could handle the challenges that came with growth effectively.

The Solution

To address these conditions, Kuda recognised that the best match for them needed to offer:

  • A tailored program relevant to Kuda’s objectives and needs
  • Scalability and consistency to cater to a large group of managers across regions
  • High-quality trainers that could quickly distil ideas and help managers apply them in practice  
  • A toolkit of resources ready to assist in embedding new behaviours

After thorough research, Kuda chose Humentic’s Manager Core Leadership development program for these key reasons:

  • Immersive and interactive: The program offered diverse and deep interactive training experiences with experts, with practical opportunity to role-play and practice skills
  • Fit for needs: Humentic was able to cater to specific topic and skill needs raised by Kuda
  • Practical behaviour change: The program focused on real-world behaviour shifts and encouraged managers to take action outside of training sessions
  • Scalable: Humentic was cost and time-effective and easy to deploy, managing the end-to-end program experience through our online system

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The Impact

Improved relationships at work

Improved team communication

Increased confidence to deal with difficult conversations

Less escalations to HR

Increased feedback skills and behaviours

Fin Tech | Series B

It was impactful to see how this training improved our managers’ work, their relationships and styles of communication, that they took things away and it changed how they interacted with their direct reports. It was great to see this change in motion, knowing that the lessons were being implemented and their teams were ultimately more satisfied and able to communicate better.This also reduced the demands on my team, because a lot of things that come to HR can be resolved informally between managers and their reports if they know how to listen to each other effectively.. Our managers have now been given the toolkits to do this.

Rosie Hewat
Group Chief People Officer


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