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Give your people access to our annual memberships with unlimited access to dozens of live coach-led workshops, group coaching sessions, micro-challenges and learning resources.

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What's included in a membership?

The Humentic membership is a flexible way to access our best-in-class training experience, while empowering users to pick what's most relevant for their individual growth.


Unlimited Live Workshop Access

Access to virtual expert-led sessions across management, performance and wellbeing topics


Group Coaching and Support

Connect, learn and grow with our network of influential leaders


Flexible, Accessible Pricing

Affordable pricing starting from just $350/person/year

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Trusted by top organizations

Humentic is dedicated to creating a measurable learning impact


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year-long interactive learning

Led by coaches and performance psychologists across dozens of management, performance and mental wellbeing areas such as:

Motivate and empower Others
Build resilience as a leader
Spot and prevent burnout in your team
Manage change with confidence
Build Psychological Safety
Navigate courageous conversations
Resolve micro-aggressions
Manage stress for peak performance


What is included in the Humentic membership?

Learners gain access to the Humentic platform where they can browse and register for any unlimited number of upcoming live workshops for 12 months. They also receive content and guidance to assist their growth in their areas of interest.

Members are encouraged to participate in tasks and challenges to improve their skills and to collaborate with their peers to share learnings and best practices.

What is a workshop like?

Workshops are facilitated by our world-class instructors and topics cover a breadth of skill areas within management, leadership, performance, mental wellbeing and DEI.

The workshops will last 60 minutes and learners will share learnings with peers from other member organisations

Are the workshops live or recorded?

All workshops are live, interactive and facilitated by one of Humentic’s expert coaches

How many participants are in each workshop?

Each live workshop will be capped to 30 participants, so that sessions remain highly interactive.

How many members can we have?

We recommend 10 members at a minimum per organization, so that members can coordinate their tasks together between the live workshops

What does the onboarding process look like?

Onboarding is quick and easy. You just send us your list of participants and their emails and we’ll manage learner access, track registration/attendance, and send behavioural nudges to take skill-building action throughout the year.

What is the cost of a Learning membership?

Learning memberships are charged on a cost per learner, with discounts available for larger groups. Contact us for more information.

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