Is your organization using best practices for interviewing and onboarding?

Despite the importance of hiring and integrating the right talent for your organization’s success, most companies can improve how they conduct interviews to hire critical talent.

There are many benefits to effective interview training and developing people-orientated onboarding programs that foster engagement:

  • Improving the quality of hires: Interview training helps you and your team become more skilled at identifying the best candidates for open positions. With better interviewing skills, you're more likely to hire candidates who will be a good fit for the company and excel in their roles.
  • Reducing the risk of discrimination: Interview training helps ensure that all candidates are evaluated fairly and without bias. By learning how to ask legally permissible questions and avoiding inappropriate topics, you can increase the probability of good outcomes
  • Saving time and resources: By improving your interviewing skills, you can make the process more efficient and effective, reducing the need to conduct multiple rounds of interviews
  • Enhancing the candidate experience: Candidates who have a positive experience during the interview process are more likely to accept job offers and speak positively about the company. Interview training can help you and your team create a welcoming and professional environment that leaves a positive impression on candidates.
  • Promoting professional development: Providing interview training can be a valuable professional development opportunity for your team. By investing in their skills and knowledge, you can help them grow as HR professionals and contribute more to the success of the company.
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Who this is for

Recruitment teams

Seeking to brush up their skills in interviewing, evaluating and onboarding talent into the organization

People Managers

Involved in the hiring process, to help them efficiently fulfil their role in bringing the right talent onto their team

What you’ll learn

Best practices to conduct successful interviews to assess a candidate's skills and cultural fit

Developing effective interview questions, active listening, reading body language, and providing feedback

Behavioral interviewing techniques to understand a candidate's behaviours

Ramping up new hires and developing effective onboarding programs

Practical ways to support new hires get up to speed quickly, such as training and mentoring


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