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Executives and C-level individuals often face unique challenges in their roles, whether it’s high-stakes decision-making or a lack of honest feedback from their direct reports. Experienced, external coaching can help them overcome challenges they face such as:

  • Managing stress and pressure in high-stakes situations
  • Difficulty in ‘stepping back’, delegating responsibilities and empowering others
  • Managing team dynamics, conflicts and difficult conversations
  • Building a culture of high trust and psychological safetyImproving communication and collaboration across the leadership teamIncreasing their presence and influence
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Who this is for

Senior leadership teams

Senior leadership teams and executive who want to communication, collaborate and function better together.

Individual executive leaders

C-level, VPs and executives who want to partner with a dedicated coach for tailored, break-through growth


Leaders and cofounders from rapid growth organisations that need to adapt to new scale, environments and fluid challenges

What we cover

Humentic supports senior leadership teams with tailored programs that cover areas such as:

Communicating and collaborating more effectively

Coaching and developing organizational talent

Building psychological safety

Making effective team decisions

Creating a shared vision and strategic direction

Increasing self-awareness of strengths and gaps

Leading change efforts with confidence

Why it works

Expert coach matching
We match leaders with the right experts from our network of world-class coaches and facilitators who have partnered with 1000s of high performing teams.  

Live, interactive and experiential
Because management and leadership is simple in theory but hard in practice, we emphasize live engagement with experienced coaches. This means leaders can apply and practice their skills in real-time, and receive coaching on challenges unique to their circumstances.

Bite-sized, spaced learning
Forget once-and-done trainings. Because optimal learning requires reinforcement and repetition, our programs are designed to support sustained growth and continuous learning over weeks or months.


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