Are your leaders equipped to deal with modern challenges and stress?

With as much as 52% of employees citing burnout, teams everywhere face the challenge of dealing with workplace stress, exhaustion and mental ill-health, which in turn impacts team engagement and performance. Leaders and managers face pressures that demand higher resilience:

  • High-pressure environments: Constant demands on leaders’ time, energy, and resources can lead to stress, burnout and a range of physical and mental health issues
  • Uncertainty and change: Leaders must be able to adapt to changing circumstances and make decisions in the face of uncertainty. This requires that they manage their own emotions and communicate effectively to lead others through uncertain times.
  • Difficult conversations: Leaders often have difficult conversations with team members, stakeholders, or customers. These can be emotionally charged and require a high degree of emotional intelligence and communication skills
  • Managing conflict: Leaders must be able to manage conflict within their teams,  navigate complex interpersonal dynamics and find solutions that satisfy all parties
  • Decision-making: Leaders are often responsible for making critical decisions that can have far-reaching consequences and create high stress
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Who this is for

Leaders and managers

Leaders who face high-pressure environments where difficult decisions on a regular basis can take a toll on mental wellbeing. Resilience training can provide tools to better manage stress and wellbeing for themselves and theit teams.


All employees who seek tools and strategies to become more resilient in their roles, manage their stress levels, mitigate burnout and contribute to a positive and supportive work environment.

What we cover

Humentic supports senior leadership teams with tailored programs that cover areas such as:

Recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout

Explore the drivers of burnout and how to reduce burnout in your teams

Understand how stress impacts personal performance and wellbeing

Develop resilience skills to cope with stress and adversity

Explore techniques for improving communication, conflict resolution, and team cohesion

Explore strategies to build a more resilient and supportive team culture

Gain tools to manage stress, including time management, self-care and boundary-setting

Learn strategies to achieve peak performance through effective goal-setting

Develop an action plan for applying resilience skills and strategies to work


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