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Great leaders build thriving teams



Manager quality is the leading factor accounting for employee engagement scores



Of employees have left a company to get away from a manager

High-impact group and 1:1 coaching

Covering company-wide goals, personalised to your teams’ needs

High performance
Talent development
Transformative feedback
Coaching others
Spotting burnout
Impactful communication

Leadership skills that stick

We take cutting-edge concepts and tactics and turn them into practical tools. Turning theory into action, so your leaders can focus on applying new skills in the flow of work.

Facilitator-led live interactive workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions

Micro-challenges, commitments and nudges to practice key skills

Assessments to identify blind spots and track progress on learning pathways

Continuous learning, designed to integrate new behaviours

Our programs leverage bite-sized training sessions, reinforcement nudges and micro-challenges, spaced over time. This provides the quickest way for learners to implement concepts and strengthen their practical skills.

Our solutions

Manager and Leader development tracks

Upskilling your leaders and managers is the leading way to ensure an engaged, happy and productive workforce. We help your leaders pick up the most high-impact skills, tactics and strategies - from handling difficult conversations to developing talent - and implement these as behaviours, as quickly as possible.

Managing change and transitions

Is your business navigating a change or transformation? Are your leaders stepping into roles with greater demands? We partner with companies, such as startups in the scale-up phase, to equip their leaders with the confidence, skills and mindset needed to navigate these shifts and bring their teams along.

Resilience and mental wellbeing

With as much as 52% of employees citing burnout, teams everywhere face the challenge of dealing with workplace stress, exhaustion and mental ill-health, which in turn impacts engagement and performance. Our 1:1 and group coaching equip teams with the knowledge and tools to build resilience and proactively support better mental wellbeing.

Live and interactive, led by world-class coaches

Our expert coaches and facilitators are experienced professionals with 1000s of hours experience training leaders at world-class companies. They help guide your team to overcome challenges, define next steps, and turn theory into action.

Don’t take our word for it


We engaged Humentic to activate the potential of our leaders and help them further build their leadership and communication skillset. Sessions have had very positive feedback, the coach was engaging and skilful and guided our leaders to build their leadership strengths, self-awareness and confidence. I would highly recommend Humentic as a partner.

Marco De Certis

VP Commercial


The training was super informative and offered a good mix of theoretical input and practical exercises. The afterwards provided workbook made it super easy to go back and look at what we covered. I also very much enjoyed the online format as it was managed very professionally. This was for sure one of the best online leadership trainings I've had!

Dominic Voekt

Head of Operations

Financial Services

The Humentic solution is quick to mobilise and gives me scalable development support without the overhead of a training function. All SME’s and scaling firms should consider.

Heath Buck

Chief People Officer


(My coach) helped me to forge my own path, and find a leadership style that was authentic to me. Since working with her I feel more fulfilled, confident and resilient. My work colleagues have seen the difference, and its given me the positive reinforcement to be more decisive, vocal and take risks... I did not really know what to expect when I started this, but truly it was the best thing I did all year. I could not recommend enough.

Natasha Boyd

Commercial Manager


My coach helped me overcome several challenges I encountered in my work as start-up CEO, in particular a high level of stress.  I feel now much more comfortable with what I do and how I do it. Highly recommended!


Founder & CEO


I have been a manager for many years now but I always appreciate re-learning old truths. I found the training really useful and enjoyed how engaging the facilitator was.

Robin Eriksson

Head of Fleet

Guide to Manager Training

Looking to launch a manager training program, or add to your existing L&D efforts? Take a look at this quick guide for some top tips on how to get the essentials right.

Manager Training Guide

A simple framework to assess the efficiency of your manager training programs and tips to get the most high impact results.

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