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Boost key skills that impact  productivity and wellbeing

Quickly launch live learning programs spanning 50+ skill areas, from core leadership topics to wellbeing and DEI. Easily tailored to your teams - whether ICs, managers, senior leaders or C-suite and executives.

Courageous conversations
influence and persuasion
spot and prevent burnout
Management Training

Level Up your managers core skills

Help your managers pick up the most high-impact skills, behaviors and strategies - from handling difficult conversations, transformative feedback to developing talent

Number One
New managers
Number Two
experienced managers
Number Three
aspiring managers
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Executive Team coaching and training

Give your senior leaders and executives an edge

Empower your senior leaders to drive team success and scale themselves through organizational growth and change

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Founding teams
Number Two
C-level and executives
Number Three
directors and VPs
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Wellbeing & Burnout prevention

empower teams to beat stress and develop resilience against burnout

Equip your teams with the knowledge and tools to build resilience and proactively support better mental well-being.

Number One
spot key signs of burnout
Number Two
build resilience against stress
Number Three
preventative strategies
Cross Platform
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diversity, equity and inclusion training

Create truly inclusive, diverse workplaces

Address unconscious bias and take meaningful action to foster diversity, equity and inclusion

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mitigate Unconscious bias
Number Two
cross-cultural awareness
Number Three
inclusivity and psychological safety
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What our customers say

Financial Services

Jess Pallot-Cook

HR Advisor

I wholeheartedly recommend Humentic to any organization seeking reliable, top-notch coaching and training. Their team of highly experienced coaches were able to skilfully adapt to the needs of our team, helping our leaders at all levels gain new insights, refine their skills, and embrace a more impactful leadership style. They are an excellent partner for any company seeking to foster a culture of growth and empowerment.

Health Tech

Marco De Certis

Chief Business Officer

We engaged Humentic to activate the potential of our leaders and help them further build their leadership and communication skillset. Sessions have had very positive feedback, the coach was engaging and skilful and guided our leaders to build their leadership strengths, self-awareness and confidence. I would highly recommend Humentic as a partner.

Fin Tech

Rosie Hewat

Group Chief People Officer

It was impactful to see how this training improved our managers’ work, their relationships and styles of communication, that they took things away and it changed how they interacted with their direct reports. It was great to see this change in motion, knowing that the lessons were being implemented and their teams were ultimately more satisfied and able to communicate better.

Fin Tech

Elizabeth Saghdejian

People Success Lead

I highly recommend Humentic to any organization seeking engaging bite-sized training and leadership coaching solutions. They are an excellent partner in providing scalable support for developing leaders at all levels.


Dominic Voekt

Head of Operations

The training was super informative and offered a good mix of theoretical input and practical exercises. The afterwards provided workbook made it super easy to go back and look at what we covered. I also very much enjoyed the online format as it was managed very professionally. This was for sure one of the best online leadership trainings I've had!

Video Game Publisher

Jess Pearce

People Advisor

I really felt that the team got a lot of value from having a facilitated space for open discussion, coming up with challenges and solutions with each other, and it opened up a strong sense of connection. The frameworks were really successful. I thought (our coach) was brilliant. He really got to know the team over time and tailored the sessions to us, taking on board feedback, which was really appreciated.


Iago Martinez

Director of engineering

The difference provided by coaching is it has made me understand my own leadership behaviours, and given me confidence in my own abilities. In my personal life it has made a huge difference: my relationship with my children and family has improved very directly... I would have more sessions in a heartbeat.

Financial Services

Heath Buck

Chief People Officer

The Humentic solution is quick to mobilise and gives me scalable development support without the overhead of a training function. All SME’s and scaling firms should consider.

Fin Tech

Adetunji Tejuosho

Learning & Development Officer - Lead

We had a mix of different departments, and since I work in human resources, it was encouraging to see that someone with an engineering background could understand things from a soft skills perspective.  Hearing them discuss how they began applying the lessons they had learned throughout the program was encouraging


Sean Hosey

Head of Operations

The sessions were a great way to block time to focus on reflection and self awareness. (My coach)’s coaching style allowed deep thinking and space to view things from different perspectives. I would encourage all leaders keen to progress their careers to spend time with coaching to help fast track their career and personal development


Natasha Boyd

Commercial Manager

(My coach) helped me to forge my own path, and find a leadership style that was authentic to me. Since working with her I feel more fulfilled, confident and resilient. My work colleagues have seen the difference, and its given me the positive reinforcement to be more decisive, vocal and take risks... I did not really know what to expect when I started this, but truly it was the best thing I did all year. I could not recommend enough.

Technology Startup


Founder & CEO

My coach helped me overcome several challenges I encountered in my work as start-up CEO, in particular a high level of stress.  I feel now much more comfortable with what I do and how I do it. Highly recommended!


Robin Eriksson

Head of Fleet

I have been a manager for many years now but I always appreciate re-learning old truths. I found the training really useful and enjoyed how engaging the facilitator was.


develop passionate, more effective managers and teams, faster


build tailored learning paths

Create a personalized program for your managers and teams based on their development needs


Practice skills in live sessions

Immersive, coach-led workshops help your people apply new skills and walk away with practical tools and insights


reinforce new behaviors

Micro-challenges, exercises and behavioral nudges help to reinforce skills and behaviors in the flow of work

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Create passionate, more effective managers and teams, faster

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