Are your managers equipped for success?

Managers play a critical role in the success of any team. However, many managers are promoted into their roles without the tools, training or experience to be able to lead a team effectively.  

Studies show that 78% of employees leave a job due to their managers at some point in their careers.

Some of the challenges managers need to overcome include:

  • Setting performance expectations and navigating difficult conversations
  • Managing conflicts within the team
  • Difficulties building relationships with and engaging their team members
  • Spotting and developing talent through feedback and coaching conversations
  • Aligning team goals with organizational objectives
  • Balancing multiple responsibilities and priorities
  • Communicating effectively and collaborating with other leaders
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Who this is for

New managers

New managers seeking the tools and confidence to lead their teams to success, with a strong foundation of core leadership skills

Experienced managers

Experienced managers ready to step up their management skills, overcome hurdles and further scale the impact they have  

What we cover

Our Manager Training Programs are flexibly tailored to the needs of individual clients. We cover a wide range of topics to help managers develop the critical skills they need to succeed. These topics include:

Understanding your role as a manager

Setting goals and driving results

Understanding your role as a manager

Setting goals and driving results

Building high-trust team relationships

Effective communication and feedback

Coaching team members and developing talent

Managing team time and prioritization

Resolving conflict and difficult conversations

Leading change and innovation

Managing remote teams for high engagement

Why it works

Unlike traditional training and coaching, Humentic does 3 things differently. Are programs are:

Live, interactive and experiential
Because management and leadership is simple in theory but hard in practice, we emphasize live engagement with experienced coaches. This means leaders can apply and practice their skills in real-time, and receive coaching on challenges unique to their circumstances.

Bite-sized, spaced learning
Forget once-and-done trainings. Because optimal learning requires reinforcement and repetition, our programs are designed to support sustained growth and continuous learning over weeks or months.

Practical and designed around taking action
We measure success based on the actions that leaders take in the flow of work. Workshops are designed to promote accountability and behaviour change - so their teams can see and feel the impact of better management practices.

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It was impactful to see how this training improved our managers’ work, their relationships and styles of communication, that they took things away and it changed how they interacted with their direct reports. It was great to see this change in motion, knowing that the lessons were being implemented and their teams were ultimately more satisfied and able to communicate better.This also reduced the demands on my team, because a lot of things that come to HR can be resolved informally between managers and their reports if they know how to listen to each other effectively.. Our managers have now been given the toolkits to do this.

Rosie Hewat
Group Chief People Officer


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